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Flyers have been an effective way to reach out to customers for decades. They are a great way to promote services and products. A lot of businesses are wondering, however, whether it is still worth the time to get these flyers printed off at a print shop Vaughan in our current digital age. Fortunately, research has shown that flyers are still working and remain a marketing tool that is priceless.

Even before printing was invented, rich merchants living in Italy would put pen to paper to produce hand-written newsletters. The content consisted of the latest news regarding the economy and wars. When printing came on the scene, campaigners used to communicate through printed materials. Leaflets and flyers were used back in the early 1900s to promote the right to vote for women.

During the mid-part of the 20th century flyers were used to distribute public service information and then during the 1970s when photocopying became popular, it became easier for businesses to use printed material to deliver a message.

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A flyer is an advertisement that is sent in paper form and usually sent out in bulk. They can either be handed out directly, sent by mail or placed door to door as an insert in a local paper. Nowadays, the most common flyer types include the following:

Addressed mail – This flyer type is specifically addressed to a person living in the household. Postal charges will apply.

Door drops – These sorts of flyers aren’t addressed to an occupant or a household and don’t contain an address. The postal charges are usually much lower than they are for addressed mail.

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Offset printing involves using a different type of printing method versus using digital printing. It is perfect for printing out flyers since the costs can usually be reduced when printing things out in bulk this way. Not all print shops provide offset printing Vaughan, so it’s important to look for a shop that offers this service if you are going to be doing a bulk distribution of flyers. The cost savings can be quite significant.

Are Flyers Still an Effective Marketing Tool?

In a word, yes. Research shows that more than 50% of people open a flyer that has been addressed to them as soon as it arrives in the mail while 8% open it within 28 days. As well, flyers and leaflets are looked at an average of 6 times.

In terms of door drops, 5% of the people receiving one look at it while 16% put the flyer aside to view it later. This means that door drops are less likely to be viewed, but they are also less costly to send out.

The Benefits of Using Flyers

Flyers are a cost-effective way to deliver a message to the general public. Information can be categorized on these flyers so that the message can be seen and processed quickly by the person that has received one. Offset printing Vaughan allows you to distribute thousands of flyers at a time to increase sales and to improve your marketing reach.

When you are designing a flyer, you can be as creative as you want to be. The important thing is to keep a record of how many people respond to the flyer to see which messages are resonating with the public. Something as simple as asking how a person heard about the company when answering the phone or answering an email can let you know how well your flyer is performing.

You can get tangible statistics to work with when you use flyers, just as you would get tangible numbers with digital marketing. It’s just in a different form and once you have the numbers crunched you can better predict how many flyers you would need to send out to drum up a certain amount of business. Keep spreadsheets of the flyers you are sending out including the message provided on them, the layout of the flyer, the locations where they were distributed and the number of callbacks you received as a direct result. You can then do split testing with the flyers, just as you would with a digital marketing campaign. When you use flyers and keep track of the numbers this way, flyer printing is invaluable.

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Most flyers are promoting a special on a product or service. It’s important to include an offer that grabs the attention of the viewer immediately and then provides a clear-cut call to action. The overall message of the flyer must be brief because many people are going to just glance at the flyer quickly with the intention of throwing it out right away. If you have the right attention-grabbing offer presented, you can stop the flyer from ending up in the trash can and it may end up being instead pinned to the refrigerator for later viewing.

You can use QR codes, include your URL or even point to a digital marketing page on your flyer. You are providing tangible material for marketing that will be physically touched by the consumer. This is a forceful way to make your business presence known. While emails can often get lost in a spam folder, you’ll know that there is at least a 50% chance that your physical flyer will at least be viewed.

Don’t underestimate the value of traditional marketing methods as we once knew them. They can still work and when you do use them there’s no need to scale down on your digital marketing efforts. The 2 can work side-by-side to help your business expand, increase your sales and promote brand awareness.

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