Advantages Of Producing Hot Foil Stamped Boxes Vs Cold Foil

Advantages of producing Hot Foil stamped boxes vs Cold foil

Hot Foil stamping embellishment is currently in trend among high end brands from cosmetics to food industry and all are competing to catch consumers eyes.  No other effect will match the glitter and light reflecting foil surface. Cold foil can be applied inline on the printing press, it is used in long runs of 10000 and higher. There is a lengthy make ready process and setup which in turn is very costly. Hot foil stamping can be applied after printing press and is cost effective for short runs of 500 to 10000 impressions.

In recent years, we have witnessed many clients choosing shorter runs at our plant in Vaughan, rather than committing to produce larger runs due to rapid changes in consumers behaviors and demands. We have produced many repeated short run orders of fancy hot foil stamping boxes in record turn around times with special matte and soft touch lamination that upgrade packaging to a premium grade.

Our advantage is to control print and finishing process under one roof. Our professional team performs intricate offset runs with remarkable Pantone and process colour matching.  Our reasonable pricing on hot foil stamping as well as offering multiple finishes such as AQ coatings, flood Gloss UV, and soft touch lamination at a commercially competitive price. Choosing to go local, we can meet your deadlines by eliminating the lengthy oversea shipment and troublesome cargo as well as delays at customs.

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