Designing Sculptured Multi-Level Foil and Emboss Combo Die

The process of producing a sculptured combination die begins with you providing the required image or graphics during the design stage.

The contour lines of the embossed image can take many forms that include raised round, raised beveled, raised flat and many more which can be discussed before the die is designed by our graphic specialists. These contour lines will determine the desired look you would like to achieve. Our sales and production representatives can assist you in choosing the type of stock, thickness, texture, and colour to reach maximum impact as well as desired look of the foil and emboss.

We use a special 3D CAD program to control relief areas that are designated by our graphic artist to give the best impression of the final sculpture.

Last stage is producing the physical die by sending the 3D file to our inhouse CNC to mill and engrave the aluminum or copper slab into a 3-dimensional die. A counter die is produced by mixing resin and pouring it onto the milled die to take the die’s form. Paper stock will be pressed with your choice of foil with high temperatures between 100-120 Celsius to form a timeless minting effect like our Kobe King

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